About Us

After three decades of working in the corporate world Mark stepped on to a new and exciting path. With much enthusiasm he introduced Cutlass Sharpening Services Inc. to the Western Suburbs, a high quality professional knife and tool sharpening service for home consumers and commercial customers.

After four years of growth Cutlass partners with Brett Joseph, Owner and President of Wheaton Meat Company, a third generation butcher shop which has become a pillar of downtown Wheaton since 1983. Now with locations in Geneva and Wheaton the Home Chef and commercial Chef will have even better service, fast turn around and fair pricing.

Edge Types

Cutlass technicians bring old time craftsmanship to blade sharpening. We take pride in our work, handling every blade as if it were our own. New knives and tools are generally not sold as sharp as they can be, if they are sharp at all. Our goal is to deliver a better than original edge that allows you to achieve the full potential of your blade’s original design.

  • Forged, carbon, and Damascus steel blades
  • Single, double-bevel and serrated edges
  • Scissors and shears
  • Lawn and garden tools, including pruners and shovels
  • Hunting, fishing, and camping tools

If it has an edge, we’ll sharpen it.


At Cutlass we’re passionate about sharpening. Our founder, Mark Kingston, brings a long tradition of respect and appreciation for finely sharpened knives, whether for use in the kitchen, in the field, or in sport. We’ll treat your knife or blade as we would our own. Our goal is to provide complete care for your cutlery, knives, and tools. When you get them back from Cutlass, you should expect performance better than new and a fully functional tool ready for its intended purpose. We want you to use your knives, tools and other instruments to their fullest potential, and to use them safely.

Sharpening Steps

If desired, we’ll collect information on the intended use of your edge tools, including how often you use them and materials to be cut, then determine the proper edge angle and sharpening method required.

To attain a razor’s edge, your blades and tools go through up to seven steps:
  1. Inspection under well-lit magnification
  2. Repair of any damaged components, nicks or tips
  3. Edge profiling and polishing with a variety of abrasive belts and compounds
  4. Honing with fine abrasives
  5. Honing with Japanese stones, if appropriate for the tool
  6. Polishing with leather strops
  7. Special handling and packaging to assure a perfect edge is returned to you